Brand of SHINIL

brand of shinil

MOM CLEAN (Normal Brand)

  • – We expressed it in the form of word mark using generally Green color.
  • – The letter M is sharply expressed in order to show the feeling of steel wire, and we emphasize “MOM CLEAN” of Shinil Co., Ltd. that is concerned with nature and environment,
  • – naturally combining the streamlined shape in front of the letter “M” with a leaf.
  • – Gothic fonts are used to express our rigid and durable products.

HIBRILL (High Quality Brand)

  • – High quality brand of Shinil
  • – High + Brilliant
  • – It has the meaning of, with Shinil’s high quality products, it will make our environment more beautiful and clean.
  • – Our main goal and purpose is to manufacture the products that customers can use easily, and to provide safe products to every households.