Manufacturing Processes

manufacturing processes





Product superiority

'We produce products of the regular dimensions through the newest wire drawing facility,
and make effort to minimize customers’ inconvenience at use by minimizing wire breakage and spooling at regular distance.
In particular, we strictly mange the production line works by the worker’s real-name system.
It is available to supply the product of the thickness (0.08~0.70mm) that customers require,
and we carry out inspections by authorized agencies at each and every purchase of raw materials to prevent the issue of component content.

User’s inconvenience such as cutting or smearing with the hands can be minimized as we manufacture products with the quality raw materials.
Our goal is to produce the most hygienic goods for the use of customers by the clean and automated facilities.
Our products are glossy due to using the best consumables during works,
and we can develop and supply the products in accordance with the purpose of use as the rolling works of various specifications that customers require.

We can supply products to consumers reducing the manufacturing costs since we perform weaving work, sponge production and non-woven production as well.
In order to meet the diverse product purchase needs of consumers, we develop various product groups by ourselves with the strict quality test throughout all the processes of production and packaging.
In particular, we make efforts to increase durability of our products through high-temperature test and repeated use test,
since the products are used at kitchens. Besides, we recently introduce anti-bacterial products.